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What is an IQ test and why should I take it?

IQ tests are the best known method to measure our intelligence. Although accurate most of the time, some IQ tests may fail to measure other skills such as musical talent and a slew of other abilities that may lead a person to many different successes in life. However, your score on an IQ test will give you a rather accurate indication of the ability you possess to think, to reason, and to solve problems which can often be critical in many phases of your life.

Our online IQ test (Multiple Intelligence or Multi-factorial IQ Tests) do not attempt to measure the amount of information you have learned but rather your capacity to learn. Once you've provided your answers we will compare your results to people of your age and afterwards, we provide a normalized score.

How do I retrieve my IQ score?

Our users are not only provided with their IQ Score, but also with all their corresponding certificates and our exclusive multi-factorial report which measures 10 mental abilities individually. Results are also provided immediately after the test is completed. In addition to this, examinees can always return to My Account and review results from past attempts.

How accurate and fair will my IQ be?

IQ World is a private and active IQ test developer. We have been operating since 1973 and have decades of experience developing reliable IQ tests. Compared to other IQ tests, our unique algorithm applies different corrective factors which have been proven to be very effective. We can assure IQ World members that their scores are exceptionally accurate based on our strict standards.

What can I do with my IQ test results?

Users can include their test results on their resumes, use the certificates as proof of their cognitive abilities, compare them with previous trials, and for anything else that they may find productive.

What if I take the test and I am not satisfied with my results? And what happens if I experience some technical issues during the test?

All users are more than welcome to drop us an email and inquire for explanations concerning their test results. Our web platform is 24h monitored and we respond 100% of the emails we receive within 24 hours.

Are my test results and personal data confidential?

Confidentiality is one of our top priorities and our test takers are guaranteed that all their personal information will remain private. The website is secured with Extended Verification (EV) SSL encryption and only our team members are able to see test results; just to ensure the results are accurate and to review any inquiries coming from test takers.

If a test taker decides to participate in the IQ Competition, his or her score will be automatically posted on the IQ World Map. In addition, any user can request our technical team to delete their score from the IQ map at any time. Learn more about IQ Competition.

Is this IQ test certified?

Our offline test (IQ10f®) has been certified, however it is not possible to certify any online IQ test by any institution at the moment. On the other hand, our online and offline versions of the test are of similar design and construction. If IQ10f® test takers follow the instructions and recommendations provided before they start our online tests, they will get the same real experience of taking an IQ test in a controlled setting.

Why do I have to pay for an IQ test?

There are many other free options online. However, most of them (if not all) are not professionally developed or may not be certified. Most free IQ tests that are found online do not have a permanent web-support feature nor have they been tested by either public or private institutions.

Our online platform is constantly being updated and we have a team of IQ World staff professionals who regularly checks the site’s daily operation and inquiries from users. We charge our users a very small fee compared to what is being charged for an offline IQ test. Our main goal is to make our exclusive tests accessible to everyone online. In addition, we have a demo test which is free for everyone to try.

Can I take the test first and decide whether I can join the IQ WW completion later?

Absolutely yes! All users are granted the opportunity to join the competition right after their test results are revealed to them.

What are the rules of the IQ competition?

Rules are fully described in our website. We keep an eye in every single test that is being taken and we delete user accounts and test results if we detect that a specific user has not followed our given set of test and competition rules.

All our IQ tests are built on the basis of vast cognitive research and experience, providing our users with a state-of-the-art testing experience.

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