IQ Test Services for recruiters

Talent assessment services

We offer a broad variety of IQ and other Talent Assessment Tests for organizations that want to enhance their recruiting process with powerful and easy‐to‐use systems that put Corporate HR staff in the best position to make decisions.

IQ World makes it easier to recruit better and hire more effectively whether you are a corporate human resource department, a recruiting and staffing company, an HR Consulting firm or a small emerging organization. In either case, IQ World can help you identify the best talent.

  • User Training

    Our customer service team provides training for all new customers, as well as on‐going training based on our customers' needs.

  • Technical Support

    We pride ourselves in our dedicated customer service and support. We strive to answer email inquiries within 8 hours.

  • Customization

    IQ World professional services team can create custom fields for candidates that match your company's needs.

All our IQ tests are built on the basis of vast cognitive research and experience, providing our users with a state-of-the-art testing experience.

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