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Physical exercise makes your brain work better
Physical exercise makes your brain work better

The brain is "like a muscle" and working our body’s muscles can actually benefit our grey matter.

It has been proven that running and performing a broad variety of sports have profound effects on our brain. Moreover, specific physical activities can alter its cognitive structure.

Let's find the be...

Can food preserve memory?
Can food preserve memory?

Some foods seem to preserve our memory although it is still too preliminary to recommend any specific memory-enhancing foods. Anyway, we don't think we're ready to define a specific diet which will definitely keep our mind healthy.

So far, what we know is that protecting blood vessels might just pr...

Keep a healthy mind by eating right
Keep a healthy mind by eating right

What we eat has a straight impact on our ability to remember and other cognitive capabilities; genes do avoiding developing dementia as we age.

High cholesterol diet and fat speed up the formation of beta-amyloid plaques in our brains. These proteins are blamed for much of the damage that occurs in...

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