Ten early signs of Alzheimer's

Ten early signs of Alzheimer's

Memory loss may be a symptom of Alzheimer's or dementia. Alzheimer's is a cognitive disease that causes a decline in memory and also a decline in reasoning skills. We have made a list of ten signs everyone may experience in an early stage:

Memory loss

This is one of the most common signs, mainly the short term memory loss. Others include forgetting important dates, asking for the same information all the time, etc.


Challenges in solving problems       

Some may experience changes in their abilities to work with numbers; most of the times they may take much longer to do things than they used to do before.


Difficulty completing daily tasks  

Some people often find it hard to complete daily tasks, like driving or remembering the rules of games that they play frequently.


Confusion with time and location

They can lose track of dates, may have trouble understanding something, especially if it is not happening in the moment. In some of the worst scenarios, they may also forget where they are.


Trouble understanding images  

Having vision problems may be a sign of Alzheimer's, like judging distance, reading and even driving.


Issues with speaking      

People with Alzheimer's may have problems following a conversation. They may have issues even continuing a conversation while they speak; they usually struggle finding the right word.


Misplacing stuff 

Another very common symptom is placing things in different places; they may lose things and be unable find them.


Poor judgment   

Experiencing changes in judgment or decision making is another common symptom. For example, they may use poor judgment when dealing with money.


Withdrawal from work

A person with Alzheimer's may start to move back from social activities. They have trouble keeping up with family, friends and even with their favorite sports team.


Changes in mood

The personalities of people with Alzheimer's usually varies depending on the moment. They can feel very depressed.

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