Benefits of mental stimulation

Benefits of mental stimulation

The key to a healthy brain includes challenge, becoming more experience solving puzzles does not offset the effects of aging when it comes to mental tests. Crosswords can be stimulating, but after doing many of them, they do not offer enough variety to get our brain engaged.

We should keep our brain fit with new challenges that test several skills. Even playing different kinds of games or just alternating the same games every other day is better than doing the same type all the time.

Should we play video games to boost the skills of our brain?

Just because a video game is promotes to boost our memory does not mean it's a good game for everybody. Before buying special games, let's exercise our brain by playing games that we or our children may already be playing. While no conclusive study has shown that playing video games provides a positive effect, they can be an excellent vehicle for variety and challenge to current cognitive skills.

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