Will computers replicate the human brain?

Will computers replicate the human brain?

In IQ World’s view, computers will never replicate the human brain. The brain is not computable and no engineering can reproduce it.


The debate over whether the brain is a kind of computer has been running for decades. Many scientists think it’s possible, in theory, for a computer to equal the brain given sufficient computer power and an understanding of how the brain works.

The difficulty in replicating our brain does not only fall into the fact that our brain contains many billions of cells and trillions of connections, but that human consciousness simply can’t be replicated.


However, we do believe that in the future most of the humans will have brain implants which will allow them to operate distant machines or navigate in virtual space with their thoughts.


Anyway, those who believe that humans have a “soul”, replicating our brains would be basically impossible.


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