Is a brain transplant theoretically possible?

Is a brain transplant theoretically possible?

The reason anyone would want to transplant a brain is because someone has a good mind but a useless body whereas another is brain dead but had a functional body. Would it be possible nowadays to transplant a brain? Which would be the consequences of doing it today?

Nerves in the Central Nervous System do not reconnect, so brain would not get any input. Since sensory input is a must for maintaining cortical tone, this loss would lead to a total deterioration.

Then, why does Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero say that he will perform the the first human head transplant in 2017? He even goes further when he says that he will revive a cryogenically frozen brain and transplant it. His donor is a Russina man who suffers from a spinal muscular atrophy. Canavero has claimed that he has already repaired the severely injured spinal cords of mice, rats, and a dog.

However, most of the experts agree on the fact that there is currently no way to revive and molecularly repair a frozen human brain.

There is also a high probability of tissue rejection which would kill whatever didn't die already.

In IQ World’s opinion, even though the transplant itself is technically doable, it is unknown its consequences regarding brain and body functionality. Our brain is the most valuable part of our body, way more important than the rest, so why to take so many risks volunteering into such a nonsense? What about transferring "intelligence", the sense of being alive and other kind of feeling which make us believe that LIFE has a meaning?

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