Is your child gifted or just smart?

Is your child gifted or just smart?

Brightest children often have the toughest time in school. Anyone who has a gifted child most likely will need to work the system to help her/him succeed.

There are a few programs for gifted and talented kids nationwide in the United States, not all that are needed though. Although there are no precise statistics, the National Association of Gifted Children estimates that 6 percent of children below 3 years old are gifted; a concept that is debated but used to describe children who are intellectually gifted. Let's bear in mind that American students rank below their peers in other developed countries, especially in math and science. In order to compete in the global marketplace, we should nurture our future leaders.

Most people believe that having a gifted kid is a great thing, but parents with exceptional kids often find it frustrating to guide their children and find adequate school district's programs. If you suspect that your kid is gifted, it's important to invest time finding the best educational environment for her.

Some of the characteristics you might see in a gifted kid:

  • Impressive Memory.
  • Savvy sense of humor.
  • Plays intensely.
  • Unbounded intellectual energy.
  • Naturally mature.
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Self-starter.
  • Deep empathy and compassion.
  • Creative instincts.

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